Why   should   I   submit   my    film ?

  • You are searching for a cool place to debut your film online. You can tell us how long you want the release and screening window to be (Most of our films will be up permanently, or you can choose a shorter time frame).

  • Your film is already online but you also want it screened on Reverie Playhouse with a new write-up, and shared on our social media channels.

  • You want to screen your film in a real, legit movie theater in Scottsboro, AL and take part in a filmmaker Q&A and afterparty.

  • You want the support and endorsement from a site that really cares about film and knows your struggle as a small-budget filmmaker.

  • You want your film to be seen within an indie-centric context with other small budget filmmakers. 

  • To be eligible for the year-end awards- "The Reveries"- which will annually names the best film in multiple categories. And the first year begins now!

After  Submitting:

  • You will hear back very soon after you submit, probably about a week. If your film is selected, we will arrange with you to set a date to post, and add to media section and on our YouTube and Vimeo pages. 

Reverie Playhouse   Screening   Options:

  1. Online Premiere. Film available Indefinitely* or limited run. This is our most common type of screening. Your film is premiering through our website via embedded link to VIMEO or YouTube. All Premieres receive write-ups from site founder George Hartline or another freelance writer, and potentially can get a write up through a local Scottsboro, Alabama newspaper or online publication.

  2. Reverie Playhouse LIVE PREMIERES. Reverie Playhouse can show your film in our 31-seat theater in Scottsboro, Alabama.

*We can remove your film at any point upon your request if your distribution situation changes.

All accepted films in any category are Official Selections. We will send you a logo like the one below to feature on your website/promo materials/ film posters.